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Tracing a mark in time and enhancing the centuries-old Italian tradition in the production of precision instruments are the pillars that allow us to design products that are always on the cutting edge of technology and aesthetics.


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Kronos S.r.l. is a reputable brand with a rich history in handcrafting several types of compasses since 1940.

Our commitment to making a lasting impact and to nurturing Italy’s centuries-old precision toolmaking tradition is the compass that guides us in our mission to always be at the forefront of product design, combining functionality and aesthetics. Our compasses are assembled by experienced hands solely in our manufacturing facility located in Palosco (BG), the centre point of our company since 1984. From there, the precision of our compasses has achieved a global reach, facilitating the most diverse projects.

A careful choice of materials, a recognisable product design, a distinctive manufacturing process, and an innovative quality assurance system are the qualities that make the Kronos compasses stand out in terms of performance, precision, and durability.

At Kronos S.r.l. we are committed to adopting sustainable and circular manufacturing practices and operations. This eco-friendly mindset is reflected in the ways we manage all aspects of the production process, including our energy technology, which relies on the use of an 82,25 kW PV module that contributes to reducing our carbon emissions by more than 64.000 kg yearly. On the plus side, all our compasses are made from materials that are easy to recycle, reuse and dispose of.